New Offshore Radio update

A new app AND data update is available for Offshore Radio Gerd was working hard over the past weeks on a new update for our Offshore Radio app. He added and amended several stations. Meanwhile I did create a new app update which now included all the previously submitted data updates. This app update 6.00.04…

Happy New Year – small data update

I hope you have all made it through the holiday season and are ready to take on the New Year! I have just created a small data update which is now available. This data update just adds two more Cluster servers to the list (GB7UJS (UK) and ON0DXK (Kortrijk, Belgium)) and some updates for the…

New iCluster update 6.01.01 has been released

Finally, a long awaited app update has just been released. This updates not just adds iOS 7 compatibility but also: Improved and simplified setting of filters The filters are now much easier to use. You can now just think: What do I want to see (then just add a filter for that and tick ‘include’)…

offshore radio data update available

A new data update is available for Offshore Radio Thanks to Jon Myer we were able to correct several data concerning the British Offshore radios of the 60es. Especially from: Radio 355, Radio 390, Radio Atlantis, Radio Caroline 558, Radio Caroline North, Radio City, Radio Delmare, Radio Essex, Radio London, Radio Scotland. This update has…

Ham Radio Apps Home

The following is an excerpt of Apps I developed especially for HAM Radio amateurs, Short wave radio listeners or even everybody who is interested in everything above 1 Hz.

iCluster was my first App on the App Store in 2009 and is now available on three different platforms, including Windows Phone 8 and Mac.

The Apps Offshore Radio and Time & Frequency have been developed together with Gerd Klawitter, the author of many well known books in the area of HAM and Radio. Gerd is also author of the contents for the App Radio Guide and Funklexikon.

Radio Guide, Funklexikon and the App Spezial Frequenzliste have been developed in cooperation with vth, Verlag für Technik und Handwerk, neue Medien GmbH.


New iCluster version 6.01.01 available. Details can be found here

iCluster – The DX-Cluster database

iCluster for HAMs (Radio amateurs), SWL (Short wave radio listeners) or for everybody who want’s to know, what’s going on on the amateur radio frequencies.

Read more about iCluster…


iCluster on the Windows Store

iCluster on the AppStore

Electronic Toolbox

Electronic Toolbox combines electronic reference material with calculation and conversion tools in one handy app. Whether you are professional or hobbyist, the app gives you a collection of the most important electrical information right at your fingertips.

Read more about Electronic Toolbox


RF-Toolbox is based on my popular Electronic Toolbox app and contains some of the common tools from Electronic Toolbox but contains a wide range of additional tools, specialized for high frequency electronics, RF professionals, radio amateurs and students.

Read more about RF-Toolbox

Offshore Radio

All ships, all anchorpositions, all programs, all DJs and lots of technical and background information.

The mid 1960s to the mid 1970s were the mainyears of offshore broadcasting, better known as Pirate Radio Stations. This App shows all offshore broadcasting stations from 1958, beginning with the Swedish Radio Mercur until today.


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Time and Frequency

Time rules our life more than ever. Everybody uses clocks everytime, everywhere. But did you ever wonder, how and especially how exactly time can be measured? Then this App is right for you. It provides indepth background information about atomic clocks and the so called Time Dissemination Services.


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