SmartLink Outage

SmartLink Service Update for FlexRadio Users


Starting around September 11th, FlexRadio’s SmartLink service, integral for remote radio connections, began experiencing technical issues. These issues affected all SmartLink-supported applications on Windows, macOS, and iOS platforms.

Initial Problem and Solution

The FlexRadio team identified an expired certificate as the root cause. To resolve this, they released new firmware versions 2.10.1 and 3.5.9 for Windows and Maestro users. At the same time, these versions were also made available for SmartSDR on macOS. This firmware update successfully addressed the primary issue with SmartLink.

Additional Issue

Shortly before releasing the new firmware, SmartLink servers began showing slow response times. To mitigate this, a data update was rolled out for iOS and macOS applications to extend the timeout duration from 5 seconds to 2 minutes. This served as a temporary solution.

Current Status

The temporary solution restored SmartLink functionality for iOS and macOS users on the morning of September 14th. Unfortunately, server response times later deteriorated further, leading to timeouts even with the extended 2-minute window.

FlexRadio is actively working to resolve this additional issue and restore optimal SmartLink performance but this problem is not yet solved resulting in timeouts when trying to connect via SmartLink.


It is still recommend updating to firmware versions 2.10.1 or 3.5.9, as they have resolved the original SmartLink issue. You can install these versions through Windows, Maestro/M Front-Panel, or SmartSDR for macOS.

It’s worth noting that there is no need to update your macOS or iOS Apps specifically for these SmartLink issues. The latest SmartSDR versions 2.4.12 for macOS and 6.2.6 for iOS are fully compatible and will function normally once the SmartLink issue is fully resolved.

Alternative Connectivity Options

In the meantime, users can bypass SmartLink and connect to their radios either locally or remotely via VPN. To do so, disable the SmartLink option under the Settings menu in the iOS or macOS app to avoid timeout errors.

I am sorry for the inconvenience this issue causes to all FlexRadio users. I trust Flex will solve the issue soon.

In case of questions, specifically to SmartSDR for macOS or iOS, please feel free to contact me at any time using the App included Contact Developer feature. For questions regarding FlexRadio or SmartLink, please use FlexRadio’s Helpdesk or the Community forum.

Best 73s,

Marcus, DL8MRE


As of September 18, 3:00Z, it seems the problems are not yet fully solved as assumed yesterday. SmartLink response is very slow and slowing further down. I have sent out another data update 4.1.16 which increases the timeout values for the Apps again. Using these longer timeout values, it seems to be able to connect again (by now). So just install this data update (Button “Check for Data Update” under Settings), restart the App and try again.

As of September 17, 14:00Z, it appears that SmartLink has been successfully restored. I have been able to establish consistent connections through both my macOS and iOS apps. If you’re still encountering issues, ensure that your radio is running on either firmware version 2.10.1 or 3.5.9. For additional information on these updates, please refer to FlexRadio’s official announcements. Rest assured, my app is fully compatible with these firmware versions. If you continue to experience connection difficulties, it could be a minor hickup of SmartLink. Simply try reconnecting after a few seconds.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to the team at FlexRadio. Their dedication is evident as they worked beyond regular hours and even over the weekend to resolve this issue, bringing relief to all of us.