RadioApp – FlexRadio Signature Series Software Defined Radio (SDR) Client



July 25th – The App has been sent to Apple and is now waiting for approval.

Please stay tuned.

Vy 73,
Marcus, DL8MRE

RadioApp Screenshot

FlexRadio – Remote Control and more

RadioApp was designed for those who want to have all features (and even more) of SmartSDR on their mobile device either to operate from home or remotely.

RadioApp is more than just one App:


RadioApp can almost fully replace SmartSDR and almost all of its features can be used from your mobile device. You can operate in any Mode like SSB or CW (e.g. with CWX and Side Tone) by only using RadioApp. Along, you can even run third party Programs on your PC in parallel such as N1MM or CWSkimmer as RadioApp even allows to maintain the DAX and DAXIQ settings.



RadioApp can run in two modes: Full Control or Remote Control. Remote Control means it can run along with SmartSDR, running on your PC. In this mode, you will not see the Panadapter with its waterfall diagram because this is already being displayed in SmartSDR. But all radio, Slice and Panadapter settings can be maintained remotely by RadioApp. In this mode, you can even use the CWX feature of the App to operate in CW remotely.



For a Rig, which is by itself more a Computer than an old-style analog device, it makes much sense to fully integrate other software features that in the past had to run completely separate from the rig. For this reason, a Band Map and DX Cluster has been included and there is about more to come in the future.


Facts and features

RadioApp offers almost all features of SmartSDR such as:

  • Creation, maintenance of Slices, TNFs, Filters
  • Unlimited number of Slices, Panadapters (just limited by the radio)
  • CWX including Sidetone
  • Maintain all Radio, Slice and Panadapter Settings
  • Maintain Memories
  • Maintain Profiles (TX, Microphone and Global)
  • Maintain Audio settings including Equalizers
  • TX Settings like Power including all Tuning features

In addition to SmartSDR, RadioApp offers these features:

  • Band limits and Band maps and modes will be displayed inside the Pan adapter
  • DX Cluster support which displays spots directly inside the Pan adapter.
  • Graphical tuning knob for easy and exact frequency selection.
  • Various additional minor bells and whistles such as easy TNF maintenance,
    direct Bandwidth selection, Split Mode, instant Memory creation and more.
  • Device logging and device parameter monitoring (e.g. PA Temperature etc.)

There are just a few limitations compared to SmartSDR which are:

  • Only one Pan adapter visible at the same time.
  • Diversity, Full Duplex and Transverter support are not yet implemented.

What you need

  • A FlexRadio Systems┬« FLEX-6000 series radio
  • An Apple device such as an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch which needs to run at least iOS 9.0
  • A newer iPad (3, Air 1 or newer) or iPhone (5s or better) is recommended

To run this App at your home, nothing else but a regular WiFi connection is needed. You can immediately start using the App.

To run the App and to operate your SmartRadio from outside your Shack, you need to have a VPN connection to your home Network. There are a couple of descriptions on how to setup such a VPN in several forums. I would recommend to use SoftEther for this as this VPN is available for many platforms and can also handle the necessary “pass-through” of the FlexRadio discovery protocol.

The App supports Multitasking on the newer iPads so you can run RadioApp in split mode parallel to your browser, Email software or any other App. It is also optimized for the new iPad Pro models.

For several reasons, this App is and will not be available for Android. Sorry.



Tuning and fine-tuning

Quick and as natural as possible. You can move the slice with your finger, fine-tune with a graphical tuning-wheel (which regards the Radio Frequency Step setting) or quickly enter the desired frequency manually with just a few taps.




RadioApp includes a fully integrated DX-Cluster tool. Spots will be displayed directly inside the pan adapter. You can also switch to the DX-Cluster overview where you can set filters. Tapping on a spot will directly tune to the right frequency.

Several popular DX-Cluster servers are already per-configured but it is also possible to use any Telnet or Skimmer Cluster Server. It is even possible to use your own CW-Skimmer, running on your own PC.



Filter maintenance

It is easy to maintain filter settings.

Tapping at the lower end of a Slice or TNF will show the edit screen where you can manually change the filter settings or even Delete the Slice or TNF.