HAM radio Exam Preparation

Ham Radio Exam Preparation

HAM radio Exam Preparation for the Technician, General or Extra license

The best and easiest preparation for your Technician, General or Extra license Exam

Technician pool app General pool app Extra pool app

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About these apps

These apps include the COMPLETE and official ARRL Technician, General or Extra question pool (as per 2016).

The new Extra License Pool starting July 1st 2016 is now also included.

Use one of these apps to prepare for your license exam. Either become a Amateur (HAM) radio operator by applying for the new Technician exam or upgrade to General or Extra.

The apps also provides more information from the ARRL and on how to get licensed.

FCC rules are also included for offline reading.

Multiple choice

Ham Radio Exam
Just like in the original Exam, all questions are presented as multiple choices.

Just tap the right answer. Once you are done, you can immediately see whether you are right or wrong.

Questions and answers can also be spoken using speech synthesizes.


Ham Radio Exam
Alternatively you can use Flashcards.

Here you will first be able to read just the question while the answer is hidden.

Once you think you know the answer, just reveal the answer by tapping the hand which will then disappear and reveal the right answer.

Now you can select whether you knew the answer or not.

It is possible to jump back and forth between any of these learning methods if you like.


Ham Radio Exam
All apps are using the so called Leitner system for best learning results.

In this method the question pool is sorted into groups (drawers) according to how well you know the answers. When answering a question of the pool of one drawer, and if succeeded, the question is sent to the next upper drawer. If not, it will be send back to the previous drawer.

This ensures that you will only learn the questions you are not certain with and don’t waste your time by learning questions you already know.

Individual learning

Ham Radio Exam
It is also possible to search for certain questions by term or by question ID.

You can also just learn questions you have not seen before or questions that turned out to be most difficult to you.

Use the included exam simulation to find out if you are ready for the exam.


Ham Radio Exam
Many different statistics will give you a good overview how often and how successful you have learned for the Exam.

All statistics are stored on a user basis and you can create as many users you like.

You can also send the statistics and learning status to another device and continue learning on that device.

Feature overview:

  • Multiple users support
  • Speech synthesis to get questions and answers spoken
  • Data export to other devices supported
  • Bookmarks
  • Pool question update over the air
  • Random or sorted question sequence
  • Real Exam simulation
  • Runs offline. No internet connection required.
  • FCC rules included for offline reading
  • Question auto-advance and/or swipe gesture (optional)
  • Random question selection (optional)
  • Double tap image zoom
  • Modern state-of-the-art app
  • Runs on all devices from iPhone 4 and newer, and iPad 2 and newer
  • Optimized for Retina, iPhone 6x and iOS 9.x, portrait and landscape
  • Requires at least iOS 7
  • Made by HAM for HAMs (or future HAMs)
  • And definitely more…