RadioApp comming soon

My newest App, RadioApp is a Software Defined Radio client for FlexRadio Signature devices.

It will be available toward the third quarter of 2016.

Click here to find out more.



New versions of US HAM Radio Technician, General and Extra license available

There are now three new apps for the US Ham Radio licenses Technician, General and Extra.

In addition and if you are not sure if you want to buy one of these apps, there is a free version with a …

Server 1 is back up and running

For those of you who like to use Server 1, I can confirm that it is now back up and running again.

I must admit that there were outages of this server quite frequently in the past. It’s probably not …

New iCluster version – Server 1 offline

iCluster Version 7.1.4 was finally released now (after more than two weeks of Apple review time. Seems they have a lot of work to do currently).

This version fixes a couple of iOS 8 related issues and even contains a …

New data update for iCluster

A new data update for iCluster has just been released which updates the callsign database and includes some other amendments.

Please be patient regarding the display issue as I am still working on that update. Maybe iOS 8.1 may fix …

New Offshore Radio update

A new app AND data update is available for Offshore Radio

Gerd was working hard over the past weeks on a new update for our Offshore Radio app. He added and amended several stations.

Meanwhile I did create a new …

Happy New Year – small data update

I hope you have all made it through the holiday season and are ready to take on the New Year!

I have just created a small data update which is now available. This data update just adds two more Cluster …

New iCluster update 6.01.01 has been released

Finally, a long awaited app update has just been released.

This updates not just adds iOS 7 compatibility but also:

  • Improved and simplified setting of filters

The filters are now much easier to use. You can now just think: What …

Neue Spezial Frequenzliste 2013/14

Die neue Spezialfrequenzliste 2013/14 ist verfügbar

Zusammen mit der neuen Auflage 17 des gleichnamigen Buches von Michael Marten ist auch die App “Spezial Frequenzliste” in einer neuen Version erschienen.

Nähere Informationen zur App sind hier zu finden.

Die App ist …

iCluster – new Version available

A new app version for iCluster is available

iCluster – my first app on the AppStore – has been completely rewritten and is now available as version 6.00.02.

Among many other improvements, two major enhancements are included :

  • More flexible