Server 1 is back up and running

For those of you who like to use Server 1, I can confirm that it is now back up and running again.

I must admit that there were outages of this server quite frequently in the past. It’s probably not the best server to rely on and that’s why I also added another Web Server (Server 2) to my app which is also working quite well. I personally prefer the Telnet Cluster Servers over the Web Servers. Even though the Web-Server look as they contain more information but most of them are often already outdated and if you are looking for timely spots, the Telnet Cluster Servers are often a better choice. Anyway, it’s up to your decision and this is why I offer so many different options for you. And if there is one server you are missing in the list, you can add it easily yourself or just drop me a line and I can add it with a data update.

Thanks for your patience.

Best regards and by 73,
Marcus, DL8MRE