New iCluster version – Server 1 offline

iCluster Version 7.1.4 was finally released now (after more than two weeks of Apple review time. Seems they have a lot of work to do currently).

This version fixes a couple of iOS 8 related issues and even contains a workaround to an iOS 8 bug which still exists in iOS 8.1.1. A new update is already under development.

Yesterday, DX-Cluster Server 1 (which is a global server in Finland) went off-line (again). Not sure what has happened there. I already contacted the webmaster but got no response yet.

In the meantime (or even long term), just switch to Server 2 (in the Settings) or one of the other Telnet Servers available.

Please note (as I already received some related questions via E-Mail), Telnet server work different to web-cluster-server. A web-cluster-server provides cluster information in a batch so the screen will be updated with many new entries at once. Telnet servers on the other hand just submit new entries one by one. So the refresh-button has a different function for both server types. For web-cluster-servers, it will re-query the server and re-display all available entries. For a Telnet server, the refresh button will re-establish the connection but if there is no new entry available, nothing new will be displayed until a new entry was submitted by the Telnet server.

Please let me know if have questions, suggestions or even found a bug.

Best regards and vy 73,

Marcus, DL8MRE