Happy New Year – small data update

I hope you have all made it through the holiday season and are ready to take on the New Year!

I have just created a small data update which is now available. This data update just adds two more Cluster servers to the list (GB7UJS (UK) and ON0DXK (Kortrijk, Belgium)) and some updates for the callsign database, as usual.

OM Rob just made me aware that there is an issue with the recently added entries for “Custom Skimmer Server 1-3”. I will send out a fix soon but meanwhile, you can just keep on using the “Custom Telnet Server 1-3” entries but have to enter a pattern for those. Just as a reminder, if you use a standard Skimmer server, you can just use the Pattern from the example and copy/paste it into this field. The example can be found under “About the app” and the link that leads to the explanation of the pattern syntax.

Again, about QRZ.COM

Finally, I just wanted to clarify one thing as one HAM in Switzerland complained about it with a bad one-star AppStore review (and maybe some others may also wonder).

He thought that the recently added support of QRZ.com means you have to pay in order to use this functionality.

  • Please note: It is still possible (like it was) to look up calls in QRZ.com for free from iCluster.

QRZ.com provides this excellent service to look up calls for free and so it can be used for free in my app still.

In addition (!), QRZ.com provides a great functionality called “XML Loogbook data” for a fair amount of fee if you want more. XML Data is a perfect solution to integrate QRZ.com into any software. I am using this almost on a daily basis when I am using MixW or my Ham Radio Deluxe Software as these programs also provide an interface to “XML Loogbook data”. Also many users asked me to integrate this into my app and so I finally did.

So if you have already registered for the “XML Loogbook data” service you can use these credentials in my app in order to benefit further from QRZ.com. Or if you like to have a more detailed information about callsigns from inside my app including the possibility to show the exact location of the HAM on a map for instance, I would also recommend to think about registering for the “XML Logbook data” service of QRZ.com.

So again, if you have any questions or request, please don’t just write an AppReview. Please send me an email or contact me by using the button inside the app and give me a chance to understand and respond to you.

Thank you!

Kind regards and vy 73,
Marcus, DL8MRE