New iCluster update 6.01.01 has been released

Finally, a long awaited app update has just been released.

This updates not just adds iOS 7 compatibility but also:

    • Improved and simplified setting of filters

The filters are now much easier to use. You can now just think: What do I want to see (then just add a filter for that and tick ‘include’) and what do I want to hide (then just add a filter for that and tick ‘exclude’). For this, you can now enter multiple criteria for each include or exclude filter. This sounds more complicated as it is but you can now, for instance, just tick any band in the band filter you would like to add or remove. Or, you can just add multiple calls, prefixes, zones etc. and just separate them with a comma.

    • Support for xml interface

iCluster now supports the XML Data service of So far, I cluster includes a huge call-sign database that covers all countries and mostly all call sign prefixes. Even though this database is updated on a regular basis, it can not be as good as online data. not just provides a website for looking up calls. They also provide a so called XML interface that can be used by other software. iCluster has integrated this service so once you select a call or spotter you will see all the detail information that is available via You can even see the QSL-Card (if maintained), can visit the website of the OM from within iCluster, can see the exact location of the OM on a map and even send him or her an E-Mail right out of iCluster.

In order to use this service, you need to be registered to the XML data service if you are not already registered. There is a button and more information about this service inside iCluster. The service is already been used for many other HAM Radio software and with one and the same account you can use that service for all of these programs and iCluster.

    • Alarm bug fixed

There was an unfortunate bug that was causing the alarm to ring even if a spot as been filtered out. This bug is now fixed.

    • Accessibility features improved

iCluster is now easier to use by blind people as I added a lot more accessibility features than before.

    • Possibility to directly add skimmer server (without entering pattern)

Now it is possible to add custom skimmer server without messing around with the pattern string as long as this server is a standard skimmer server.

    • Possibility to maintain more custom servers

You can now maintain three individual Telnet, Web or Skimmer server and not just one.

    • Red on red alarm display is now better readable

In the past, Filter matches and alarm entries were both displayed in red and thus they were not easy to read. The visibility has now been improved.

    • Several other improvements

As usual, there were many additional minor changes and corrections.

Please note: To use all features of this new app version, please also install the new data update from the settings screen.

Please also note: If your DX-Cluster list is now always empty, you will need to update your filter settings due to the changes this app version introduces. In the past, you had to set multiple filters for each content you like to include or exclude. Now, you can just add one filter (for instance for the bands) and simply tick all the bands you like to select. The same applies now to other filter criteria like calls, CQ/ITU zones etc. Here, you can enter multiple values and just separate them with a comma (e.g. DL,ES,F).

Please contact me any time in case of questions or requests,

kind regards and vy 73,

Marcus, DL8MRE