iCluster – new Version available

A new app version for iCluster is available

iCluster – my first app on the AppStore – has been completely rewritten and is now available as version 6.00.02.

Among many other improvements, two major enhancements are included :

  • More flexible and combinable filters
  • Choice of many different cluster servers and even the possibility to add your own custom cluster server

iCluster now supports WEB as well as Telnet Cluster servers. A list of pre-defined servers let you now choose between many different servers wheres before, only one server was available.

The filters now offer the flexibility, many user have asked for. Filters can now be combined in many different ways. Also, many new filter options have been introduced.

In the same way alarms can now also be maintained very flexible.

This way, it is easier then ever, to customize the spotter list according your individual requirements.

Another feature which are already common for many of my other apps has also been introduced to iCluster. iCluster can now receive data updates. By this, I am able to update the CALL-Sign database, Filter options and Cluster servers “over-the-air” without the long lasting Apple App-Release process.

I have added some videos to my website to introduce the new iCluster version as well as an explanation on how to use the new filter and alarm setting. Those videos can be found on creating-your-app.com/icluster or on the recently introduced YouTube channel : www.youtube.com/creatingyourapp.

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